DeepCoolClear Privacy Policy For WIFI Users

The privacy and security of your personal information is our foremost consideration. We want to make your experience using our WiFi service as enjoyable and rewarding as possible while allowing you to feel secure that your privacy interests are being respected.


DeepCoolClear is a managed WIFI services provider. We provide a managed service for our customers. Please note that DeepCoolClear provides a service, it does not set hotspot policy. Our customers set the policies with respect to their WIFI hotspots.

Our customers are the businesses you frequent and whose WIFI services you use. In exchange for using the WIFI services at this business, you are agreeing to provide a limited amount of information to the business. The business intends to use your information to provide you with information about additional services, products and promotions that may be useful to your relationship with them.

DeepCoolClear involvement with your data is limited to passing the data you have agreed to provide to the business whose WIFI you are using. DeepCoolClear itself, does not store, reuse or sell any customer data.

Information We Collect

We collect certain information that is necessary to enable you to use our WiFi hotspots. This includes the MAC (Media Access Controller) address from the network card in or used with your computer or other device to enable us to comply with regulatory requirements. We also record the time and location where you logged into our network. We do not ask you to provide any personal information such as your name, address, phone number, e-mails address and other billing information in order to use our service.

For customers who use our social media login, we collect your email, your name and your profile picture. Businesses use your name and email address so they can better educate you about their product and services. The profile pictures are discarded.

Except as above, we do not ask you to provide any additional info in order to use our services. If you haven't use social media or your email to login to WIFI hotspot you are using then the establishment you are patronizing does not get your email from us. If you have done this as a condition of using the WIFI then your name, email have been provided to the establishment. Please check with them on the use of your data. We, DeepCoolClear LLC, do not retain this data. It is deleted after upon delivery to our customer.

If you wish to request immediate deletion of your email from our records, click DELETE and provide us the email you wish to delete. Please note that since we do NOT retain this data after it has been delivered to our customer, it may not longer exist with us.

Tracking Information

We do not use cookies or other methods to track your usage patterns, and we do not know and cannot store information about your web site page views and traffic patterns. We use cookies to track traffic patterns within our WIFI hotspot, to maintain a connection during your visit with us, to track your preferences, and to diagnose problems on our server and administer our site.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please email or call 512-478-3112.