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Workflow Automation

Client A receives hundreds of jobs each week from their big customers each week. The receive these in the form of a spreadsheet, which then were split up into several sheets corresponding to the teams they were going to be assigned to. These spreadsheets were manually delivered to the team leader and at the end of the week all the results were received and collated manually. We transformed this into a web based system that uploaded the received spreadsheet into our system’s database. Once this was done, all the jobs could then be assigned to various teams and the teams could input the results directly into the system. The billing/invoicing functions were automated and the management team had timely visibility on all jobs and revenue matters regarding the company.


Data Exchange

Client B receives hundreds to thousands of emails from their customers containing relevant accounting data. This data used to be manually transformed into a spreadsheet one line per record, which then used to be manually uploaded into the online accounting system. Since the online accounting system supported an XML API, we created a a data upload system for them using XML that transformed the spreadsheet data into XML implementing the Client’s business rules and then uploaded the XML data file into the accounting system. Not only did this do away with the manual data reentry, it also provided error and recovery logic that improved data quality for the Client and their customers.

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