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TRAQFI™ is patented technology that radically reduces the cost of WIFI in commercial spaces.


WIFI throughout your Store

TRAQFI™ enables you to create large scale WIFI deployments quickly and easily. Using TRAQFI™, you attach mesh networking access points to existing track lights, eliminating the need to provide for power and cat5 runs.

So, whether your goal is to simply get the signal to penetrate from the back office of your restaurant to the dining area, or your goal is to provide public WIFI throughout your 50,000 sq. ft. store, expanding your WIFI network is now as simple as screwing a light fixture in your track light. Dual band 2.4 and 5ghz mesh provides a rock solid connection.   The mesh powers up when you turn the lights on.

Remote dashboard shows up/down status, and signal quality between mesh nodes on a map of your store.


Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility - Adapt your WIFI network to your business needs, not the other way around.
  • Speed - Augment or change your WIFI network at the climb of a short ladder.
  • Cost - You know what it costs to drop an outlet or a cat5 where previously there was none. The cost of a TRAQFI™ device is a fraction of the cost of commercial drop.
  • Supports Juno and Halo tracks
  • User ManualClick Here


Access Points Supported

    • Open Mesh OM2P, MR600
    • Cisco 3602
    • Any T-Rail Ceiling mounted Mesh AP



$49.99. Please call Girish 512-478-3112 for volume pricing and/or deployment consulting.