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Managed WIFI for Enterprises / Campuses

These days all employees have smart devices and tablets that they use during their work day to stay connected with their work and private worlds. Increasingly enterprises need to ensure that employees can  use these devices without compromising the security of the enterprise network infrastructure.


The BYOD Model

Employers today are beginning to embrace the “bring your own device” model that enables employees to not only allows have access to personal resources during the work day but that they can use these devices to enhance productivity of the enterprise as a whole. They must do this while ensuring that the unmanaged devices do not compromise the security of your enterprise network. An overlay WIFI network allows enterprises to achieve both the objectives.


Managed WIFI for Enterprises means

  • An overlay WIFI network for unmanaged personal devices with complete isolation from corporate wired or wireless networks.
  • For use by employees, vendors, visitors to your business, for personal or corporate use.


Managed WIFI Features

  • All features from “Commercial Public Venues” available
  • Enterprises may select virtual desktops to allow these devices controlled access to their enterprise desktops or laptops enabling campus wide access to their corporate data, in meetings and conference rooms.



  • Productive employees
  • Secure networks
  • Personal traffic not burdening corporate network, minimize risks and liability


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