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Managed WIFI for Commercial Public Venues

DeepCoolClear services power public WIFI for some of the most prestigious names in the country. Your customers will be attracted to your venue as the destination for reliable and dependable WIFI.


Managed WIFI means

  • An incentive to every Apple or Android phone user to walk into your venue.
  • To provide your customers a reliable and dependable WIFI so they keep returning to your restaurant or café.
  • To provide you with an ability to connect with them through login and landing pages.
  • Managing the broadband to provide priority to the business uses of your Internet service.
  • Managing your bandwidth to allow you to manage your costs.
  • Managing your in-house networked devices – a single point of contact to isolate network issues.


Managed WIFI Features

  • 24x7 monitoring with alerts on all network elements.
  • Splash and Landing pages.
  • Content Filtering, Managing black and white lists.
  • Security – isolation between WIFI clients, between wired and wireless networks, port blocks on commonly known malware ports.
  • Bandwidth, user, session and site controls. Time of day controls.
  • Remote diagnostics, maintenance, software/firmware updates.
  • Public SSID for customers, Private SSIDs for business.
  • Owner Directed models – Free, Free with purchase, For Pay, SMS authentication.
  • Smartphone Support.
  • Usage reports.
  • Friendly Tech Support for WIFI and in-store issues.



  • An amenity your customers love – creates a preference for your business.
  • An amenity that makes business sense – reduces telecommunications costs, discourages squatting, prioritizes use of bandwidth and blocks the bad stuff.
  • Network management including other vendors’ networked devices.

What our clients are saying...

( Read more at Yelp )...I guess my only complaint is that I didn't find these guys 2 years ago! Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about them. Do yourself and your business a favor and use DeepCoolClear to manage your public wifi!