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DeepCoolClear services power public WIFI for some of the most prestigious names in the country. Your customers will be attracted to your venue as the destination for reliable and dependable WIFI.


These days all employees have smart devices and tablets that they use during their work day to stay connected with their work and private worlds. Increasingly enterprises need to ensure that employees can  use these devices without compromising the security of the enterprise network infrastructure.


Your tradeshow booths or marketing events are just not the same without Internet access and WIFI. Use our Hotspot In A Briefcase™ and save on “as needed” Internet/WIFI access. 


A reliable WIFI network can help you design your retail space for more effect.


DeepCoolClear, LLC is a Google Fiber Tech Partner.

DeepCoolClear, LLC provides managed Wi-Fi services to customers nationwide who want to offer their patrons a dependable public WIFI as an amenity. We manage all aspects of the Wi-Fi hotspot, resulting in a more reliable and dependable service, with little or no burden on the local staff. 

We have partnered with Google Fiber to provide our customers with a single-stop fully-managed internet access solution for you and your customers. The partnership provides a bundled Internet access and WIFI solution so you can deploy the Google Gigabit services for your office and for your customers in a single seamless step. Best of all, we manage both services for you - eliminating the dissatisfaction of your customers from non-functioning WIFI and the problem of your staff having to fix it.

Please call us (512-478-3112)  or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What our clients are saying...

( Read more at Yelp )...I guess my only complaint is that I didn't find these guys 2 years ago! Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about them. Do yourself and your business a favor and use DeepCoolClear to manage your public wifi!

As a small business owner juggling a lot of balls, network reliability was not top mind. That said, my entire business would grind to a halt when my internet was down (no credit card transactions, no wi-fi). It was a disaster, but one that I simply prayed wouldn't happen too often before I found DeepCoolClear. Once I started with them, my business life changed in a couple ways. One, a major negative (the stress of worrying about a down network and the detrimental impact that had on my business) was eliminated. Two, I got a huge positive out of it. Having a network that I can always count on has allowed Thunderbird to move to a more sophisticated system for tracking our shift work and deliveries. None of this would have been possible without DeepCoolClear. Plus, they couldn't be nicer, more reliable guys, either.
Ryan McElroy
Thunderbird Coffee

We used Hotspot In A Briefcase at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Deep in the bowels of the convention center, the Internet connection came up fast and we were able to hook up 10 workstations to it. It cost a fraction of what we would have paid! We highly recommend this solution for tradeshow and conference exhibitors.
Chris Justice

( Read More at Yelp )... Murray and Girish have made public wifi work at Spider House for several years now. They understand the technology, they understand my budget, they are very responsive to issues and they are a real pleasure to work with. What's not to love? Highly recommended.

We use DeepCoolClear at Dominican Joe and Murray has been nothing short of great for us. The service is very reasonably priced and works flawlessly. And anytime there is a problem that our staff is unsure how to handle, these guys are always available to help and go above and beyond to make sure everything works smoothly and all our customers are happy. I'd recommend them for anyone needing any sort of wifi network - they'll figure out the solution that makes the most sense for you.
Mehul Patel
Dominican Joe

My wife and I own Caffe Medici. DeepCoolClear has taken away a major headache for us. I can give a long response here, about all the troubles we have had over the last 5 years but anyone who is reading this already knows what they are. DeepCoolClear is worth their weight in gold. Thank you for making everything run smoothly and when it's not for solving our problems. Now I can worry about stuff that I know about COFFEE!
Michael V
Medici Coffee

We were moving to a new office space in Austin, and found out that AT&T could not provide internet access in our new location...:( After reading their great Yelp reviews, my boss suggested that I call DeepCoolClear. Girish carefully assessed our specific needs, and recommended the Clear modem with WIFI for us. He handled all of the billing communications for our Clear account, and configured our new modem, and then came to our space and set it up and secured and tested it to make sure that everything was working properly. When there was a problem with the printer connection, he made a special trip over the next day to configure it for us. Great job, thanks very much Girish!
Barbara C
Vixen Creations

I visit several Austin-based companies who utilize this service and thus far, it is the best wifi provider I have ever found in town. Running a laptop has never been faster or more reliable and I'm glad businesses provide DCC to us customers and clients.
User of our WIFI Services

For our outdoor event, Hotspot in a Briefcase was an extremely quick and easy solution. We had a few days to figure out how to provide free wi-fi at our outdoor corporate event in Austin, and we had to figure it out from New York. We had researched several other vendors, but their options seemed too complicated/less effective. Hotspot in a Briefcase worked seamlessly at our event. DCC provided a friendly team to deliver Hotspot in a Briefcase on-site and assist setup. But honestly, we didn't need the tech support, it really is as easy as plug-it-in and go.
Leslie Siu

We used the HIAB service at the Anaheim Convention Center. It was a very congested telecoms environment with significant interference issues. However, the Internet access worked well enough for us to do our work. I appreciated your fast response times, your helpful advice, your continuing support and fairness in dealing.
John Paice