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About DeepCoolClear

DeepCoolClear, LLC is an Austin, TX based services provider, specializing in Managed WIFI Services, web sites and web applications development, and specialized Internet access solutions to businesses. We are a business, we exist to provide the best services we can today to retain you as our customer tomorrow.

Our design center is you and your business requirements, not the most current technology. We use standard and open platforms and technologies to create custom solutions that help you move your business forward.

We keep our communication, our agreements, and contracts jargon-free and plainly worded. Our statements of work, requirements and design specs are simple to visualize and understand.



Girish Altekar - Founder and President

A 30+ year veteran of the IT industry with experience in development, marketing and management of technology products and solutions. Graduated from companies such as Tandem, Data General, Unisys, Icon Computing. Girish has a bachelor's in Electrical Engg From IIT, Bombay, an MS in Electrical, Computer and Systems Engg from RPI, Troy and a MBA from University of Texas at Austin.